Gresham Smith swings a big spotlight on our park

Our award-winning architects at Gresham, Smith and Partners have now showcased our project in a gorgeous multimedia presentation. It tracks the nascent park’s history from the seedling of an idea nurtured by Highlands neighbors, to initial design, early rounds of fundraising, and last year’s construction groundbreaking.

Louis R Johnson cropped


Combining virtual-reality video, illustrations, photos, and text, the presentation builds on Gresham Smith’s earlier marketing campaign. “A series of communication strategies were developed,” the firm says, “to assist Friends of Beechwood Park in refining their vision, creating a buzz within the community, leveraging private donations and grant funding, and taking the project from concept through to implementation.”

Project Manager Louis R. Johnson summarizes it best:  “This project represents a true grassroots effort of neighborhood communities coming together, wanting to inspire change, and then doing something about it in their own front yard.”

The presentation is called “A Grassroots Community Effort.” You can watch it here. And check out the virtual-reality video of the park’s master plan, which debuted at last year’s first Annual Beechwood Park Festival. It’s best viewed with a VR headset, but you’ll get a flavor of it in this YouTube version.

Don’t miss this year’s festival, where we’ll celebrate all the progress we’ve made in the past year developing our new pocket park in the Highlands near Mid-City Mall. Entrance is free, and the public is invited to join all the fun.

  • When: Aug. 11 from 4 p.m.-8 p.m.
  • Where: in the park at 1620 Beechwood Ave.

We’ll feature a beer tent by Monnik Beer Co.ValuMarket‘s grill; music by Squeeze-botSquallis Puppeteers and other kids’s activities, plus much more.

Please visit our festival invitation on Facebook. And follow us on our Facebook community page.

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